Wellness Book Endeavors is an Imprint of Authentic Endeavors Publishing

Wellness Book Endeavors is our publishing imprint specifically for books focusing on Wellness and Well-being!

We seek multi-book authors because the more books our authors write and publish, the more they sell. Although few established traditional publishers specifically seek or accept unsolicited or unpublished authors, Wellness Book Endeavors embraces new talent and does not require that literary agents represent writers.

We accept unsolicited work and currently publish in print and e-book

Our goal at Wellness Book Endeavors is to work in close one-on-one partnership with our authors to create a positive and financially lucrative outcome for their work. We provide the author with as much or as little guidance as they require or want. This guidance begins when a manuscript is accepted and continues throughout the publishing process, which includes coaching during publication and promotion during the “Book Launch.” For this reason, Wellness Book Endeavors is a very selective publisher.

Our books have good distribution and clear marketing

Wellness Book Endeavors publishes books on Wellness and well-being encompassing many categories. We look forward to helping you develop your writing talent, discover your success as an author, and connect with the literary world.

How to Submit

Queries and submissions should include a cover letter with author name, contact information including a phone number, email address, website (if you have one), title of the proposed work, author background, publication history, a synopsis of the proposed work, and a sample chapter.

All documents are ONLY received electronically through a form submission.