4 Simple Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Own Health & Wellness

Starting today, you take charge, and I will show you how. Getting and staying healthy is not about doing squats and eating kale.

You want to be healthy and happy in all areas of your life—heart, spirit, mind, and body! This unique workbook and journal guides you through every step of the way.

Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs fade. Fad diets, strength programs, medications, or new self-care plans do not last. Why? Because they are not designed for YOU.

It is time to hop on your Wellness Wagon, learn to avoid slow leaks or even blowouts in your Wellness Wheel, and remain on your Wellness Path. How?

  • Learn how to balance 24 areas of your life using the trademarked assessment tool, All Things Wellness Wheel (ATW WheelTM).
  • Use the All Things Wellness Logs to track your activity, sleep, nutrition, and more.
  • Create your own All Things Wellness Improvement Plan.
  • Oh, and a month of positive affirmations journal pages to track your journey.

YOU are not the co-pilot of your health and wellness. Starting today, you are the pilot.

Peggy Willms

About the Author

Peggy has been a certified personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, and personal and executive health, wellness, and life coach for over thirty years. Peggy is an entrepreneur, multi-bestselling author, featured contributor for BizCatalyst360, an international online magazine, speaker, host of The Coach Peggy Show, and hosts wellness retreats. She spent over twenty years in corporate wellness, managed multi-million-dollar medical clinics, and earned multiple business and work-site wellness awards. She has two sons and two grandsons. She loves all things beach and sunshine and lives in Florida with her better half.