Team Inertia – Aljon and Nova

“Team Inertia” is Aljon and Nova, a young couple inspired to create illustrations for children’s storybooks.

Aljon specializes in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind illustrations for children’s books. His goal and purpose in life are to bring his passion for illustration to children’s stories that speak to good morals and values while proving lessons for today’s youth. Aljon’s colorful illustrations bring engagement to the author’s content, so the story comes alive on the book’s pages. His extraordinary work is featured in children’s books worldwide.

Nova was invited to team up with Aljon doing freelance projects. She began with basic coloring, then fell in love with the creative process. At 25, with a new career as an artist, Nova didn’t realize that her art skills are way beyond what she ever imagined. She’s found her purpose in the art industry.

Together, they are helping authors build a legacy for the next generation.