Henley loves broccoli, it’s her favorite vegetable! Very curious about this vegetable that looks like little trees, she learns that broccoli is a native of the Mediterranean.

Come along with Henley and Gaga (her grandmother) as they and the family set out on an adventure to answer the question, “Where in the world does broccoli come from?”

Grab your passport! Let’s go!

About the Author

Donna Guary is a children’s picture book author passionate about creating stories with a hint of history that will inspire and encourage children to eat vegetables.

This Air Force Veteran from sunny California is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Donna’s first book, Broccoli! It’s My Favorite Vegetable was written about Henley, her grandaughter who loves broccoli. It sparked the question of where broccoli comes from.

Her second picture book, Where in the World Does Broccoli Come From? takes you on a journey as Henley and Gaga set out to answer the question of the origin of broccoli. This book will capture children’s imaginations for travel and culture and spark a love for learning about the food they eat and where their food comes from.

When she’s not writing, Donna enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, missions, giving back to her community, and leading women’s bible studies.

Having always been concerned about food sustainability, Donna has a newfound interest in farming and family farms and researching her family heritage in farming. She is a member of the National Women in Agriculture Association.