After her mom checked in the last guest and turned in for the night, Roozy wanders into the unique guest room that has never been rented before. As she opens the door to the dimly lighted room, she sees a glowing hole in the wall. It slowly gets brighter as it spirals open. Roozy is trying to figure out what she sees walking towards her from deep inside the spiral opening. A giraffe? A mini giraffe glowing magically in front of her. Roozy instantly knew that they could be best friends and enjoy many adventures together in their new home, Hotel ZAZZ.

About the Author

Dr. Sharmin Dharas is a free-spirited superwoman who is hellbent on empowering and educating women. She’s a children’s book author specializing in oh-so-cute-I-could-hug-you adventure fantasy that manifests into semi-reality. Chief Experience Officer at Herstory Hospitality. Two-time published author Gemini, Vivacious colorful person and lover of chocolate.

An Albuquerque, New Mexico native of Zanzibari Heritage, Dr. Dharas voluntarily dedicates her time to East Africa. She uses her passion, education, and whimsical creative skills for storytelling as a newly published children’s book author. She’s an entrepreneur who built the colorful world of Hotel ZAZZ that FORBES recognized as one of seventy-seven “must-see hotels” worldwide in 2022. She is also the creator and visionary for Usafii Beauty, with a mission to measure success by empowerment.

When she’s not ZAZZifying alternate universes or helping people on this planet, Dr. Dharas enjoys dance parties with her bright face daughter Shayrooz, swimming in tropical waters, and watching every Netflix show possible.

Her talents include being a prolific talker, being loud vocally and colorfully, and accidentally making people more optimistic.