Rescued from an animal shelter, “Corkie-the-Yorkie” was loved by Tessie’s whole family. He was a world-class snuggling, kissing, loving puppy, bringing joy to everyone he met. When he was lost, Tessie thought she would never stop crying, her life would never be the same.

Christian teachers, parents, and grandparents will appreciate how Corkie, the Rescue Puppy, book 3 of the Tessie’s Tears series, helps children learn that a loss may bring about blessings and that even when everything seems lost, there may be a different ending.

Brightly colored illustrations and activity pages provide fun for every child. A resource list provides parents with helpful information about animals and pet adoption benefits.

Watch for Tessie’s Tears upcoming books on the topics of adoption, divorce, and disability. This series of books gives children an opportunity to see difficult issues with new eyes.

About the Author

Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian counselor, speaker, and author of Call Me Worthy. She has a heart for those who are lost and forgotten, including doggies.

Dr. Anne is “Grannie Annie” to six grandchildren and “GG” to two great-granddaughters. As a hobby, she creates Christian art.

This series of books helps young children deal with the difficult issues of loss, whether it is a loved one, a friend, or a pet.