Join Ned the Narwhal as he voyages the 5 oceans learning important life lessons and meeting new friends along the way!

Teach Geography, Character Strengths, Marine Animal Appreciation, Ocean Awareness and more!

About the Authors

Monica and Sharla are cousins who are making their dreams of writing adventurous and educational children’s books come true. Their vision is to inspire, teach, and positively impact children while bringing awareness to world crises and the amazing animals that share our beautiful planet. Monica is a mother of two, a published author, an English as a Second Language teacher, and a poet. She created the original storylines for The Llove Llama and New the Narwhal books and found her imagination and love of rhyme to shine best in children’s books.

Sharla is a mother of four, a published author, a lawyer, artist, and poet. She co-authored The Llove Llama and Ned the Narwhal books and brought to life The Llove Llama and Friends characters through her original character sketches.