Millicent and her Mom live in their little house near a garden path that leads to Anna’s house.

The girls have been friends since they were tadpoles.

Join Millicent and Anna on a creative adventure, then learn how Millicent becomes the Rainbow Frog.

About the Author

A Word from the Author…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed listening to people tell stories. Stories fueled my imagination as a child and continue to enchant me in adulthood.

While growing up on the East End of Long Island, New York, I greatly enjoyed being outdoors. As my childhood outdoor adventures and my vocabulary grew, I made up my own stories while playing with insects, frogs, bumblebees, and butterflies. I also loved to climb trees, especially when the reward for my efforts was a shiny red apple of two.

On warm spring days, just at sunset, I’d get on my pink bike and pedal down the hill to hop and roll around with the frogs living in the high grasses of a woodsy area fed by a small creek. After the rain, I watched and waited for rainbows to paint the sky with their beautiful colors. I still watch for and delight in rainbows today.

Millicent, the Rainbow Frog, was inspired by those fun times.