Linda dreamed of becoming an actress. Her very first acting role was that of the leading lady opposite Bijan, one of Iran’s most handsome leading men! The realization of her dream also began her journey of love, great loss, and brutal betrayal. Leaving generations of family values behind with a single decision, Linda abandoned herself and her family, making a way for ultimate betrayal by Bijan.

As if that were not enough, the Ayatollah Khomeini took control of her previously beautiful and peaceful home country of Iran, creating an Islamic State and leaving Linda to fight for her freedom and her life. Freedom was a thing of the past… or was it?

Filled with emotion, Stella Riley tells Linda’s story, as it is indeed her own.

About the Author

Stella Riley and the character named Linda in this page-turner are one and the same. The sharing of her life experience has only begun on the pages of this dynamic book. As her journey continues, Stella will reveal the next part of Linda’s story in the sequel.

In real life, this courageous woman has weathered many storms throughout her life, with many chapters having been a fight for survival, success, and the precious gift of freedom. Stella never gives up. Instead, she proclaims, “The thought of giving up is a luxury I don’t have. I have to always be guiding the ship to a safe harbor.”

Having lived through misery, fear, and the loss of loved ones, Stella will bring you through Linda’s continuing story, where new surroundings open doors to new challenges and a new life. Be sure to watch for the next part of the story.

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