“It’s really as simple as changing what you say!” They will try to define you by their standards, their beliefs, and their feelings. Be careful…

You don’t want to live your life for their acceptance and their approval. If you do, you’ll lose something and someone extremely valuable – you! That price is too high to pay!

THEY don’t get to say who you are!

THEY don’t have the power to define you. Their view is too limited.

All they have are labels that can and will change, but the essence of you you are remains the same; that’s why THEY can’t define you.

You’ll get it wrong, you’ll get it right, and sometimes you may even lose sight, but you’ll always have your light.

This book was written for you so that you’ll always have a way to get back to you.

About the Author

Joshua Blocker, native of Dallas, TX, is an award-winning actor, author, and all around entertainer. He has accomplished many things and has shared stages with some of the greatest talent to date.

He earned his BFA from Texas State University as a Theatre Arts major focusing on performance and production with an acting emphasis.

Since age 9, Joshua has had a heart for impacting the lives of others by way of representation.

Never chasing fame, Joshua chooses to be transparent through the power of story-telling in an effort to CHANGE LIVES. Children are precious to Joshua; he started babysitting at age 12, and to date, children just love him! They feel safe, seen, special, and heard with him.

It is his goal that this book, as the introduction to his children’s book series, makes every child feel that same touch and power.

Joshua is dedicated to changing lives through the power of creative arts and is turning over every stone to do so.