Nearly everyone has a story about credit. People have used it well, misused it, even abused it. Patricia Giankas, founder of Score-Up has gathered this group of authors to bring stories of success in managing and rebuilding credit as part of their personal financial plan.Every story is written from personal experience and can easily be related to by the reader.This book is for anyone who has their own story about credit.

About the Author

Patricia Giankas brings over thirty years of experience in the Financial Services industry; leveraging her expertise and know-how. She recognized the need for offering clients complete financial representation. Patricia has been recognized in her field of expertise and has established a reputation as the true expert and leader in the mortgage industry.

Committed to making a difference for others, Patricia has founded Silver Lining Healing Center which brings knowledge and service to those who are in need of support in managing their finances and resources. She is ever exploring ways that she can share her message of hope with people who are lost in today’s financial difficulties.

Patricia has lectured at women’s shelters. She has provided assistance to community charities, bringing hope and help to various areas of the world. In this time where many people are turned upside down in their finances, Patricia helps them to make sense of their financial mess.

Services Provided

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