Goose is a happy young boy excited to visit his grandparents on the farm and spend quality time! While visiting, Goose gets to help out with picking different fruits and vegetables while learning some fun facts about where a few come from.

Grandfather Goode invites Goose to take some fruits and veggies home with him. That gives Goose the BEST IDEA EVER! Hmmmmm…I wonder what it could be.

If you want to find out, read what great idea comes to Goose during his farm adventure.

About the Author

Kenyetta Obie is a native of Atlanta, GA., where she is raising her son. Her college major in Child Development led to her career as a teacher in mainstream and special needs development. Kenyetta’s journey fueled her passion for developing young children’s minds by encouraging them to fall in love with reading at an early age. Goose Farm Adventure is the first in a series of books Kenyetta is bringing to the world of early childhood learning.