Join Dreadilocks and her team of animal friends as they help prepare the residents of Papaya Island for a huge storm. Dreadilocks and her friends rush to inform the island community, so they can get to shelter and safety as they gather the necessary supplies. There is chaos on the island and they need your help in completing the checklist as they race to protect everyone. Please, will you help them prepare?

About the Author

Sharlene R Prince is the mother of two sons, Joseph and Josuan, and a daughter, Josmyn. Her Bachelor’s Degree in sociology from Columbia College and her Masters in Human Resource from Barry University brings Sharlene’s heart for people into the forefront of her work. Her life goal to empower people to step into their greatness.

Sharlene is the Royalty Mindset Coach, aiming to bring dreams into a new reality. Knowing  how important our children are, Sharlene introduces them to Dreadilocks, whose story is inpired by life in Trinidad and Tobago, the islands of her ancestors.