Like many children, Chase has parents who travel for work. Although Chase knows his parents have a special and important job to serve our country, he can’t help but miss them when they are gone.

One day, his parents reached out to Lulla Bear Land and asked them to send Chase a gift to remind him of the special moments he shares with his parents.

Receiving that gift makes Chase’s night!
It helps him to sleep peacefully, knowing his parents are thinking about him and missing him, too.

And he knows they will be home soon to share more moments with him.

About the Author

Marquitta Saunders lives in Connecticut with her husband, Ryan and their four boys. They are known as the football family. Except for the babies, they all love putting on their helmets and pads and playing football.

Marquitta enjoys being a boys’ mom; it keeps her on her toes and active all day!