No matter what you have done, no matter what has been done to you, no matter how life may have locked up your joy, no matter what, you can be set free. To the extreme I was thrown down, I am lifted up; to the extreme, I was rejected, I am embraced; to the extreme, I was lost, I am found. My heart was set free by a God who gives us everything the world cannot give. I thank Him every day. This is my story.

About the Author

Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian counselor, author and speaker. She is a member of the Highland Country Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas.

For several years, she has been of service to the homeless population and Sudanese refugees in her community.

Dr. Anne also has a heart for animals and enjoys fostering dogs until they find a good home. As a hobby, she creates crosses and other Christian art using vintage Jewelry.

Services Provided