Bobby wanted to be like the taller giraffes around him. His close jungle friends imagine ways to help the young giraffe make his plans happen. Together, they think of some “What if…” scenarios. But will his plans work, or does his Papa help him see God’s plans?

About the Author

Christine Morkert resides in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN, where she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the warmth of her community. A devoted mother of three exceptional children in their early twenties – Natalie, Jacob, and Callie – Christine cherishes every moment spent with her family. Her steadfast companion on life’s journey is her husband, Andrew, with whom she has shared 29 years of unwavering love and support.

With a heart dedicated to nurturing young minds, Christine has woven her passion for education and faith into the fabric of her career. She has served in various roles within both public and private schools, including as a substitute teacher, preschool director, and computer technology instructor. Her commitment extends beyond the classroom as she actively participates in children’s ministry and youth outreach programs at her local church.

Christine’s love for storytelling was ignited during her childhood when she discovered the power of imagination and faith. The seed for her book, WHAT IF…, was planted during an elementary school project and blossomed as she shared bedtime tales with her children. What once began as a dream is now a reality. Christine embraces the opportunity to share her heartfelt message with young readers.

Through her writing, Christine invites children to explore the wonder of possibility and the comforting embrace of faith. She understands firsthand that life’s journey may veer unexpectedly, yet she firmly believes in the guiding hand of God. With each turn of the page, she hopes to instill in young hearts the assurance that God’s plans are steadfast, carrying them through trials and triumphs.

In WHAT IF… Christine invites readers to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery, where faith illuminates every step. As an author, educator, and devoted follower of Christ, Christine’s mission is to inspire children to embrace the limitless possibilities of faith and imagination.